What I'm Up To and Thinking About
October 11, 2023
Akamai WAF

The Akamai Web Application Firewall (Akamai WAF) is a state-of-the-art security solution designed to safeguard your web applications and websites from a wide range of online threats. …

July 18, 2023
Easy Weight Training at Home

These days the sheer number of fitness and health influencers competing for your attention (and wallet) are completely off the charts. …

February 15, 2023
Why is email still lame?

The year was 1994, and while visiting the local library I was thrilled to discover that the Seattle Community Network was offering members an email address FOR FREE! …

March 22, 2016
DIY All Weather Portfolio with Vanguard Funds

Some of you may have heard of the “All Weather” portfolio concept Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates hedge fund uses for its largest clients. …

November 26, 2015
Hair Salon - The Ultimate 80s Hair Metal Playlist

A few years back I was stuck working at Microsoft in a cube farm full of very loud and obnoxious coworkers. …

October 12, 2015
Estate Media and Networking Design - Part 1

We’re in the process of designing our new homestead, and while my wife adeptly handles the architectural portion of things, I find myself more interested in the nerdy portion of things, specifically in this case, the networking and media infrastructure. …