Hello, my name is

Anthony Brunello

I am a Principal CDN Architect & Engineer

I also spend time as an Consultant, Entrepreneur, Artist, and Writer.

Anthony Brunello
  • 25 + Years of Experience
  • 257 Completed Projects
Infotech Legend

What I Do

my Services
Content Delivery Networks
CDN Engineering

I enable companies to optimize delivery of their content with CDN implementations from Cloudflare, Akamai, Fastly, Cloudfront, and more.

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Devops Consulting
DevOps and Automation

DevOps methodology enables secure, consistent deployments across environments by leveraging Infrastructure as Code.

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Systems Administration
Linux Admin Services

With over 25 years experience in Linux and open source systems I can manage configuration, optimization, or migration tasks for your business.

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Network Administration
Network Admin Services

Routing, Switching, Firewalls, and VPNs are critical parts of a successful operation. Let me optimize and secure your network today.

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Blockchain Consulting
HPC Network Design

I've consulted clients of all shapes and sizes with their network configurations for high performance computing, AI, and Bitcoin mining loads. Maybe you could be next?

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Professional Skills

my Knowledge
Content Delivery Networks

Cloudflare, Akamai, Fastly, Cloudfront

95 %

Cloudflare, BGP, Arista, Cisco, pfSense

75 %
Infrastructure as Code

Terraform, Chef

75 %

Jenkins, Gitlab, Github, Git, Bamboo

70 %

MySQL, Percona, MariaDB, PostgreSQL

70 %
Cloud Virtualization

KVM, Qemu, VMWare, Virtualbox

70 %


my Experience
Cisco Systems
Cisco Certified Network Associate

University of Washington
UNIX Administration Certification
1999 - 2000

Bellevue College
Management Information Systems
1997 - 1999

Senior DevOps Engineer
The Constant Company, LLC
Jan 2023

Designed a Terraform module that improved the management of GitLab repository configurations

DevOps Engineer - Cloudflare
Nov 2019 - Dec 2022

Designed and launched an efficient Bitcoin mining pool for ASICshack, driving revenue growth & global accessibility.

Senior DevOps Engineer - Akamai, Cloudflare
Newell Brands, Inc
Dec 2014 - Jun 2021

Led cloud migration, transforming the on-premises platform to a dynamic AWS environment. Spearheaded a transformative initiative to enhance deployment processes and security protocols by implementing robust Jenkins pipelines. Implemented a robust configuration management strategy utilizing Chef, leading to a substantial enhancement in the performance of a web application.

Senior DevOps Engineer
AT&T Services, Inc
Nov 2012 - July 2015

Spearheaded the development and implementation of a high-availability load-balancing solution using HAProxy and DNS, orchestrated through the Chef configuration management framework.

Network Security Engineer III
Microsoft Game Studios
Nov 2007 - Nov 2010

Spearheaded the creation and implementation of a cutting-edge vulnerability scanning platform for Microsoft Game Studios' compliance arm.



what Customers Say
David S.

Anthony started providing me assistance in 2016, moving my systems from on-premises to a colocation environment. Working with him for the past seven years, he is always quick to respond to my requests, making me feel more confident in my system.

David S.
President, DS Forensics, Inc.
Will M.

I hired Anthony on a two part job about 12 months ago. First part included a design and implementation of the network for a facility that has about 2,000 end-points with several subnets and dozens of VLANs across the facility. Anthony has assisted us in countless emergencies at inconvenient hours. He never left us hanging!

Will M.
Manager, Blockchain Tek, LLC


my Rates
150 $ Hour

Have a one-time issue you need a hand with? Migrating a site from one provider to another? Is your site down and you don't know what to do? Reach out and I'll be happy to help.

  • One Off Tasks
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Optimization
  • Process Improvement
  • Maintenance
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Support Contract
From 999 $ Month

Outsource management of your IT infrastructure to an industry professional. I will evaluate your current architecture, identify methods to improve it, and support your team in their success.

  • One Off Tasks
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Optimization
  • Process Improvement
  • Maintenance
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Full Time
Negotiable $ Month

Have something more substantial in mind?

Let's talk about it.

  • One Off Tasks
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Optimization
  • Process Improvement
  • Maintenance
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my Projects

Fast, Affordable Virtual Private Servers that don't suck. Starting at $10/mo for 1 TB

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DevOps, Unix, and Network Consulting for Fortune 100 companies.

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A coffee-table photo book full of vintage exotic cars and beautiful people in beautiful locations.

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Forza Strategica

DevOps, Linux Administration, Network Administration, and everything in between.

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Email that Gives Back. Upgrade your email address and feel good knowing 10% of our profits are donated to an effective charity.

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These Ten Things

Ten things to help men get the most out of their long term relationship.

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Latest Blog

my Articles
October 11, 2023
Akamai WAF

The Akamai Web Application Firewall (Akamai WAF) is a state-of-the-art security solution designed to safeguard your web applications and websites from a wide range of online threats. …

July 18, 2023
Easy Weight Training at Home

These days the sheer number of fitness and health influencers competing for your attention (and wallet) are completely off the charts. …

February 15, 2023
Why is email still lame?

The year was 1994, and while visiting the local library I was thrilled to discover that the Seattle Community Network was offering members an email address FOR FREE! …

March 22, 2016
DIY All Weather Portfolio with Vanguard Funds

Some of you may have heard of the “All Weather” portfolio concept Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates hedge fund uses for its largest clients. …

November 26, 2015
Hair Salon - The Ultimate 80s Hair Metal Playlist

A few years back I was stuck working at Microsoft in a cube farm full of very loud and obnoxious coworkers. …

October 12, 2015
Estate Media and Networking Design - Part 1

We’re in the process of designing our new homestead, and while my wife adeptly handles the architectural portion of things, I find myself more interested in the nerdy portion of things, specifically in this case, the networking and media infrastructure. …


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