Published By Anthony Brunello in Lifestyle on November 26, 2015, 1 minute read

Hair Salon - The Ultimate 80s Hair Metal Playlist

A few years back I was stuck working at Microsoft in a cube farm full of very loud and obnoxious coworkers. My solace came from equal parts head phones and hair rock. Pandora was the only streaming service available at the time, so I spent quite literally hundreds of hours thumbs upping and thumbs downing tracks until every single song on my ‘station’ was pure hedonistic melodic triumph.

Some time later I collected all of these tracks and burnt a CD full, lovingly entitled Hair Salon. Since no one has a CD player any more I figured I should transfer my life’s work over to Spotify for all to enjoy. It’s mostly complete, save some Def Leppard as the original tracks aren’t available on Spotify and the ’re-recordings’ are, uh, rough.

You will NOT find any Poison, Warrant, or Motley Crue on this playlist. While those are some of the first bands that come to mind when someone says ‘hair rock’ they are also some of the worst.

While this music is absolutely best played at loud volumes during summer time, consider it an early Christmas present from me to keep you warm (hot?) until summer returns.

Check it out here!